Firmware updates effecting HP 903 & 953 Cartridges

HP Warns Updates Will Impact Consumers and Aftermarket

HP has issued a warning on its website that it will “update” 903 and 953 ink cartridges with warranty-end dates between January to April 2021, in December this year.

The OEM came under criticism and been subject to anger from industry groups and consumers for issuing updates, sometimes covertly, that prevent them from using third-party supplies in their printers.

The company claims that the ink cartridges that will be updated are compatible with both current and future printers that use these cartridge numbers. Cartridge and printer availability and compatibility may vary by region.

Beginning December 1, 2020:

HP 903, 903XL cartridges with Warranty-end dates of April 2021 or earlier might not be compatible with these HP OfficeJet printers

How many pages will my cartridge print?

Our Compatible cartridges are filled to the same capacity will print the same amount, if not more, than the original brand cartridge.  Page yield is the approximate number of pages that can be printed with a particular cartridge.  Since everyone’s printing habits are different, actual page yield can vary from user to user. In order to hold manufacturers accountable to the same standards, every ink cartridge is subjected to page yield testing based on ISO/IEC 24711 specifications. This test helps determine what the page yield of an ink cartridge will be, giving customers a reliable way to compare competing products. The manufacturer’s cited page yield for ink and toner cartridges is given at 5% coverage. This means that the quoted page yield is based upon printed pages where only 5% of the page has been imprinted with ink. This comes out to be a small amount of imprinted ink – roughly one-quarter of the page. For example, a short memo has approximately 5% coverage. If you are printing letters, using A4 paper, printing photos, web pages or any type of graphics, your coverage will vary greatly and your page yield will drop significantly.

Look for “Page Yield” on the specifications table of any product page to find your cartridge’s expected page yield:

What are inkjet refill kits and how can they save me money?

Inkjet cartridge refilling is the practice of personally recycling your empty, OEM (printer brand) ink cartridge so it can be used again. We offer HP & Canon refill kits to be used with various brands and models. These refill kits allow you to refill your empty OEM (printer brand) cartridge 2-6 times with high quality ink. Refilling your own cartridge is the most cost-effective solution for printing and is the best option for preserving the environment.

Universal Refill kits and ink quality information

The quality of the ink will widely determine the outcome of the quality of prints of your refilled cartridge. Our refill kits are formulated and tested under strict laboratory conditions to ensure the highest output quality at all times, and is comparable to other OEM products.

What are compatible printer cartridges?

Compatible printer cartridges are alternative cartridges that have been manufactured by a third party. Compatible cartridges can be a brand new cartridge or a remanufactured cartridge, depending on what’s available for your printer model. Usually if a cartridge is a new compatible or remanufactured, the supplier will mention it in the their product description. No matter what you get, both cartridge types work equally well and should match the quality of the genuine product.

Compatible ink and toner: 

A brand new compatible cartridge is built by a third party manufacturer and is designed to fit and function in your specific printer, it’s like buying the generic version of the genuine brand.  In order to avoid infringement on a patented design, some compatibles might have slight design differences from the original. Despite any structural difference you may notice, the cartridge will still fit and print a full yield, just like the original brand. 

Remanufactured ink and toner:

Remanufactured ink is a genuine brand cartridge that has gone through one cycle of use.  After use, the cartridge is recycled, acquired by a remanufacturing facility and put through a rigorous professional refurbishing process.  During the refurbishing process the cartridge is disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and tested for quality. It’s then carefully refilled, tested again and brought back to life!  Remanufactured cartridges are great for the environment.  Every remanufactured cartridge you buy is one less cartridge ending up in a landfill.

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